Sunday, August 9, 2009


im planning to sell my LG cookie pink ( for those interested im selling it for Php8,000,negotiable pa poh..hehe..).,after my one month used ng cookie mejo ngsawa n me sa touchscreen.,flashy nga xa kso snay kc me sa mbilis n pagtetext so i guess ill just have to stick with Nokia phones like my old one..

My next buy..a netbook.,yep much smaller than the usual laptops.,and im eyeing the ASUS eee PC.,wla pa me maisip n model but i think i'll get a white one.,i want to sell nren sna 2ng desktop qoh pra tipid kso svi ni mama i should keep it since its my 1st investment..(i bought it last a gift to myself..:P ) and mejo nsa-sad den me if ill sell it kc mahal qoh n2 c desktop..

The reason why i need a netbook pra nman my personal me n ginagamit.,halo2x n kc files nmen sa desktop.,and xempre pra i can bring it with me whenever im nsa galaan or malaung travel
(haist ang company outing nausog n nman)..well goodluck naman..i should give my lappy a name pag nsaken na..hmmmm nu kea? update nlng!

my beloved desktop..don't worry u'll stay with me..pinagpaguran ata kita noh! and dami u memories... n gusto qoh itapon! JOKE!