Sunday, December 25, 2011


in exchange of my wish PSP/netbook this christmas, i decided to just ask my Papa to build me a little room.,(our house is just small)..soo after buying some of the equipments and with my Papa & Mama's help (and my nephews too) i was able to do my lil project.,my christmas gift for myself ..=)

took 2 months though cause my Papa can only work on it on Sundays.,and hey i did all the painting and decorating.,took me 2 whole days to finish the painting of the wall and the ceilings...didn't know its that hard..i wasn't able to open my right hand that much because it hurts :( but lol its worth it! so here's the pic when its still super "kawawa" (ugly and messy) till it was done..its not that super okay..just simple..but i still love it.,♥

First Day: October 2011 
     what a pity sight lol.,            my papa started building the skeleton..=]      my niece Ali messing    with my   Papa's work

Sunday, December 4, 2011

December OverHaul!

well it's been soooo long since my last post here.,i don't know why..maybe i just like writing when im brokenhearted lol.,and im not sure if its a good thing or not, cause that means i am not "duguan" when it comes to love.,just plainly single.,no hang ups, no worries.,i am happy though.:)

so anyways Christmas is coming and i guess i need to update my blog on what happened to me this past few months.,well just two things actually, last month (November 21)  i had a minor surgery (again after 4yrs)..and i was really excited cause i'm the type of person who really loves testing myself when it comes to pain..but my god, "masakit siya teh!!" i mean i thought im gonna go crazy in pain, cause the anesthesia wore off in the middle of the incision so i had to bear the pain throughout the whole operation....:(  and now i don't like to be even go back for a check up..bad experience..-_-

going it's the 4th of December, only 21 days before my christmas...i wasn't able to buy my christmas wish..a new PSP..:( cry cry...(cause i had to sell my psp last yr for my tuition.heartbreaking..ugh)  cause i decided to

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

all about me..

I saw this question and answers stuff on my drafts.,i don't know when i answered this..i just find it funny how bitter i was lol...this must be 2 or 1 yr ago..not sure..

If you could be stranded with one person for 24 hours who would it be?
* ndi na kailangan itanong yan
What is the hardest thing for you to say?
* goodbye and sorry
Do you remember your 1st crush?
* ahmmm yeah ung neighbor nmen hehhe
Have you ever flown a kite?
* tried.,msarap.,kso kkangalay.,
When was the last time that you went swimming and where?
* last march.,office outing
Do you consider yourself successful?
* uhmm not really.,have a lot of plans pa
Have you ever asked for a horse?
* nope :)) mhal kea nun.,hahah!
What did you do this past weekend?
* chat.,chat..,chat.,text..text.,text.,
Miss being at school right now?
* sobraaa!! im planning to study ule if my stable job na
Do you want to

Monday, September 19, 2011


Yesterday afternoon as i was sleeping..i had a dream..(expect it to be a weird one..oh well all dreams are weird anyway..) sooo thing i really love bout sleeping is DREAMING..its like a "free movie" wherein you're the lead character.,funny when sometimes in your dreams you'll encounter individuals you haven't seen in your entire life..(although i've read that all the people you see in your dreams even if u don't know them or they're not familiar to you, the fact is you've seen that person once in your life ,might be someone from your school, or someone you've seen while you're in a bus, etc. ) One time i had a dream that my boyfriend is this

Friday, September 9, 2011


oh well.,im back again.,im recording the audiobook of Paper Towns by John Green..kea bawal me mg-ingay here sa pc..kea eto i decided to write here nlng since matagal na ren akong nde nkkpagsulat here sa blog qoh.,

so ano b ngyari sken these past few months.,aun last January finally i got my college diploma.,thanks God sa tagal-tagal ng

Sunday, March 27, 2011

will you ever forgive me for hurting you? and if so would you like me to explain why i did it in the first place?

its all water under the bridge..before ive been meaning to ask u why but i guess what uve said on ur blog explains it all. and sometimes some questions are better left unanswered


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011? ANO BAGO?

Ugh its almost 1 yr and 7 mos na akong single..after gax wla na.,and we broke up june2009 pa..what the hell?..though i had a long distance relationship nman with foreigner Luis, i can't consider it naman as a real one kc magulo utak ng guy na un.,or maybe because lumipas na ung feelings qoh for him.,now its 2011..what's in store for me?!  Do u think im gonna be single n naman for the whole year?? And to think mas attracted n me sa foreign guys.,its much harder.,(groan..)..i've tried to entertaiin some pinoys but it didn't work.,there's no spark,.or maybe im just being too picky.,(nagmamaganda lol) but mahirap tlga.,prang ang hirap mainlove?? mga foreign guys nman u can't really tell who's for real and who's not.,only a few are sensible enough to carry a conversation.,and the rest perverts na and shameless liars.,anyways.,let's just wait and see.,im kinda busy pa kc pag-aapply for jobs.,so maybe i should focus on my career first then everything will follow ayt! :) 

~from my phone

Monday, January 17, 2011


Last December i decided to make my Tumblr account into a Free Ebook page...since im a sucker for books and  a lot of my sisses on CandyMag are bookworms too...thanks to them cause i got some of my ebooks from them.. but most of all i thank the authors cause without their great imagination and talent in writing we won't have these cool books :-)

So if u are an ebooker like me..feel free to check out my page,FOLLOW  and kindly LIKE it on Facebook ^_^

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Love is like a bus stop, there's always going to be another opportunity for the bus to stop again - if we are ready for it at the bus stop. Sometimes we don't ever think we could possibly find someone better than that one we are in love with that doesn't return the love back, but that's not true..

We won't be ready to find it we are pining for a love that is not healthy or returned. We owe it to ourselves to always know what we deserve what's best and what's healthy.,Stop being around that person if possible. If you can't, then think in your mind about how wonderful it would be to actually find someone special that returns your love. Tell yourself that u deserve it., We can't control love no matter how hard we try. It's just one of those things but we can choose to love again..:) 


I was checking other blogs that i used to follow when i was still active here on blogspot when i saw my ex Luis's blog site...i didnt know he made a post a month after we broke up..i was suprised..good thing ive read it only now cause if its like 4mos earlier that would hurt a's a part of what he wrote:

...Today i would like to tell everyone about how everything is going well my mom has gotten a promotion and we was gonna move to ohio but her boss messed up the contract so we are going to move to Pennsylvania to work over there and live and hopefully we can just stay in one spott.^_^.............but on the other hand im really sad because i had let someone really dear to me go and i had to she might not know it but it was for her own good she will find someone better in her own country and not only am i sad over that im sad because its really hard to find the best girl friend she was the one but she was far away u know we would tell each other about getting a job and meeting each other but the way i see it is so outrageous like it was so kool theres no words to explain the feelings and the thoughts of those times i just wish some day i can find a girl like that over here and on another note i saw my ex girl friends myspace pic with her new man there like in Amsterdam right now having fun and what not i was really happy for her and sadden at the same time....

I sent him a message on facebook after a moment of being speechless lol.,though we could have been good together.,im happy that we're both pursuing our career.,and after all the good and bad things that happened.,maybe its really for the better :)


im waiting for this video to finish uploading....
stil waiting....

oh its a voice record of me and Radio DJ Papa Dan (i guess last september..)...bored lang hahaha..avid listener kasi si sister qoh...though im not,minsan qoh lang kc maabutan.. i tried it na ren..just for fun :P (NOTE: most of the infos i gave nde totoo..ahmm actually ung age & look alike ata..wla kc me maisip nman po.,funny ung first guy mukhang ayaw sken lol.,but yeah this is an entertaining program.,lalo n pg bored u.,keke... )
the program is called "Wanted Sweetheart" pala..they'll try to hook u up with someone over the phone..its funny and weird..i forgot the name of the guy, but when we finally talked over the phone, ahmmmm i find him a lil weird cause he talks a lot about ghosts and stuffs..or maybe im just a scared scooby :P..
bored...ill brb...browse muna sa ibang sites..
BACK! still? -_-
i guess this might take a while because youtube rejected it coz its kinda yeah..wait pa ren...
AT LAST!! anyways those are some of the pics of  Papa Dan..he's cute nman pla weh ^_^


here i back...cause one of my guy friends asked me to make some posts cause its been a long time since my last post here.( 4 mos ago i think.. my emo's call him mr.aree..(yeah that's his nickname, what a weird nickname for someone named Mark right?) ..

He called me the day after new year ata..and he told me that he saw my blog on my gmail account..(tama ba?)..and i thought he was referring to my other blog on TUMBLR (my not-so personal one..) .. and i was a lil bit shocked and embarassed na ren cause most of my stupidness when it comes to "LURVE

ok wait will continue this posts..have a meeting with someone regarding a job!! ciao sorry!!


Like so many that have been in love, the word LOVE has been used and abused, neglected, taken advantage of, lied to, cheated on, and sometimes even forgotten. Used to be that the word 'love' could pump the breaks on a conversation and leave somebody feeling utterly speechless..Now, it's used to fill in breaks in conversations and pump reason back into why you can't leave someone who's making you feel utterly useless.

So, you see..I, I don't want to "EL OH VEE EE YOU", but i do want to take those letters, flip them backwards, and use them to spell the beginning of the word "EVOLVE".., because i want us to grow into something indescribable by just one word.

I don't want to love, but i do want to make you like my childhood bestfriend, so that no matter how many times we hurt each other or beat each other up inside, i know we can always make up again.

And i want to show you off to the world, a permanent connection, so perfectly passionate that i can sit you on the opposite side of the jam packed arena , look at you once, and have them everybody know that you're my guy..:)