Tuesday, April 27, 2010

thanks for the answer,ang bilis. one more question, what do you look for in a guy? curious lang hehehehe...maybe i can apply...

aww i already answer this..but ok..like what ive said..,the guy needs to be a gentleman.,have sense,knows how to laugh.,knows how to treat a girl well..i hate JERKS!...responsible..and sweet..loves music or any form of art..gosh it'll take me hours to think haha..but to make it simple.,i just need a ONE NICE GUY.! asshole can go to hell..lol! and pls nde me company .,why do u need to apply..haha..i dont even know u kung cnu u...pasaway:)


Thursday, April 15, 2010


my sleeping schedule is so fucked, its not even funny anymore..>:-(

Sunday, April 11, 2010


most of the time,anyway....

ngpost me sa facebook nung mga nkraang days n im sad..im glad may mg concern nman pla..hehe..its just that nde daw bagay saken sabi nung dati qong crush...i asked myself tuloy."my binabagayan n pla ang pagiging mlungkot now??"..hehe..nde nman pla..masayahin daw kc me n tao kea nde xa sanay n sad me....hmmmmm..ok im not sad na..i mean not that much..heheh..and im kinda happy kc by next2x week ill be busy n ule..yeah need to finish my penalty sa practicum..yipeee..im soo excited khit mejo matitigil n sa work.,after that 'hello banker?"

Mjay Uzumaki

Mjay Uzumaki i feel sad................................♥♥♥

April 6 at 8:11pm  ·  · 
Liza Borromeo
Liza Borromeo
y my friend?
April 6 at 8:12pm · 
Ramirez Xandra
Ramirez Xandra
bakit joy??????dont be sad girl
April 6 at 8:15pm · 
Ham Agas
Ham Agas
nkit k nmn sad? is der anything dat i can do ms. mj?
^_^ jst 2 make u smile..
April 6 at 10:06pm · 
Mjay Uzumaki
Mjay Uzumaki
@mommy liz weird po kc

@sandra ngmana n ata me seo...promise..same situation

@ham kol me nlng if nsa manila u.,nwla u kgabi kea..:(
April 6 at 10:45pm · 
Jonathan Cuadra
Jonathan Cuadra
bkt po? ndi bagay..xD
April 7 at 1:08am · 
Sherly Cruz
Sherly Cruz
bkit ka aman sad?...
April 7 at 1:11am · 
Mjay Uzumaki
Mjay Uzumaki
@jon y nde bgay?? my binabagayan ba...wahhh....feeling q 2loy clown me :(

@sherly haist gurl...sbhin q seo sa sat...huhuh
April 7 at 1:15am · 
Jonathan Cuadra
Jonathan Cuadra
hehe,. ndi naman.. jolly ka kc e.. peo f may prob ndi tlga maiwasan ma sad e..
April 7 at 1:17am · 

cguro kea Mary JOY pinangalan sken kc i should be happy and bring happiness "DaW"..chicken!

Friday, April 9, 2010

CrAZy bOOth

nde daw bgay sken sad..hehehe
avatar lol..alien!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


my sis and i watched this movie "Serendipity"..and it was soooo sweet and magical..finding someone in strangest places and cirmcumstances..made me sad.....love the song

Monday, April 5, 2010

Zack....of my life (from final fantasy)

im so happy but not that much....mejo conflicting yata ung cnabi qoh...well let's just say that someone's making my day a lil bit happier..,let's just call him..."AJ".. sobrang nice xa and after a year of being single,ngayon n lang ata me kinilig..! a lot of my friends are telling me wag daw me mxado choosy tuloy until now im single pren..,i just told them that after my last relationship.,ive learned a lot..,sobra....kea i dont mind being single as long as im not wasting my time with the wrong person..ayt.,so ill be sleeping now thinking of AJ.,hahhah.,he's so cute.,and sweet.,i really like him.,

Friday, April 2, 2010


kagabi, April 1..sumama me sa Alay Lakad going to Antipolo...im with my two bessies Ash and Blaire.,its my 1st time and we started at Floodway Pasig at 10pm  dunating kmi sa Antipolo ng almost 3am..

grabe i thought mamamatay n me kakalakad.,sakit sa paa.,and ung ibang daan mejo steep kea aun..but its fun.,super.,dami ren kcng ksabay n mga nglalakad.,plus its like a repentance nren.,xempre one way of saying thanks to the Lord...