Monday, May 24, 2010


after my practicum.,if hinde me work here sa Pinas.,hopefully i can go somewhere else.,i prefer somewhere cold sana kc mamatay me sa heat..kso its much easier to travel in middle east countries so ill start there.,haiissttt if P5.00 lang ang pamasahe ppunta ibang bansa baka nalibot qoh na buong mundo.,hehehhe! i want to see 'SnoW'.,its my dream.,and even go to Disneyland.,right now after meeting Aaron im more interested to meet guys from other countries.,cause we'll have a lot of things to talk about cause we've got a lot of diffirences,.its not bout the money.,i can marry a poor guy in the US as long as he'll give me cute babies! LOL.,in my observation mixed blood babies are the cutest!
Hello World!  watch out for me :)


Its my Papa and niece's birthday..actually yesterday cause its past 3am now.,after the celebration i went upstairs..wala lang.,sakit kc ulo qoh dahil sa sobrang INIT!! soooo hot!! but then while i was eating ,im watching Pinoy Big Brother.,i switched to channel 
11 (QTV)..there's a movie,.and dahil wla me interest sa movies binalik qoh sa PBB.,nowadays kasi ilang beses n qoh nanonood online pero nde q matapos2x kc its either im chatting or ngbrowse.,then ill lose interest sa pinapanood qoh.,i prefer watching a movie on tv or cinema kc wla mxadong istorbo.,i missed watching TV kc im always on my pc.,haist!
Anyways, so un nga i dont know why pero i decided na ibalik sa QTV, i thought the film was kinda boring but i was wrong.,ah yeah i forgot the titlle is,"Mr.Winterbourne"..its about a movie bout an eighteen-year-old Connie Doyle an expectant mother with no money and an uncertain future. In a screwball case of mistaken identity, a grieving Mrs. Winterbourne takes the girl to live with her in the stately Winterbourne mansion, believing she is the wife of her deceased son..(ok i just copy-pasted that part..hehe..thanks to google..^_^.)
Napaisip me talaga on the 1st part of the movie.,kc yung girl after she got pregnant by a someone who turned out to be a "BIG JERK".,aun nagpakalat2x money, no house, no one to support her and her baby.,just because of being too naive, and a lil stupid.(,though on the last part she got married with a super hot and rich guy).. i still dont want it to happen to me.,thats when i realized that id rather be an old maid and be alone than to be on that kind of situation.,i know it would be lonely but nah i can manage being alone than having a guy like that asshole.,soooooo now i promised myself that i won't ever make a mistake again..and if i'ill ever be in a relationship,that guy should really earn my trust 1st..or i won't setlle.
anyways,u should watch it guys.Plus my crush Brendan Fraser is the lead actor!
After the Bucket List, im glad i was able to finish this movie.,soooooooo sweet!~

Friday, May 21, 2010

i just finished reading this book.."The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.As much as people say it, this really is one of my favorite books of all time.MTV promoted it, it got a lot of press, so many people shun it and say it is overrated. I disagree... it seemed like a quick read, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. .!
Main character Charlie is loveable from the first sentence out of his mouth...There are endless quoteable quotes in this book that had me folding the page over so I could write them down later..,Charlie has an honest innocence to him yet such an intense depth and intelligent mind that he is quite the multifaceted character. 
I would recommend this book to every teenage boy and girl I knew. While Charlie isn't exactly a excellent role model, he does show that being different is O.K. and that friends come in all kinds of stay true to yourself. These things matter..

"So this is my life..and i want u to know that i am both happy and sad.,and im still trying to figure how it could be.."
"We accept the love we think we deserves.."
"Because its ok to feel things and be who u are about them.,I was really there and that was enough to make me feel infinite..I FEEL INIFINITE..

"I don't want to start thinking again. not like i have this last week..I can't think again..Not ever again..I don't know if u've ever felt like that.,that u wanted to sleep for thousand years..or just not exist. or just not be aware that u exist..,or something like that.,i think wanting that is very morbid.,but i want it when i get like this.,That's why im trying not to think.,I just want it all to stop spinning.."
"Sometimes people use thought to not participate in life."
"I would die for you, but i won't live for u"
"If somebody likes me,I want them to like the real me, not what they think i am.. and i don't want them to carry it around inside.,i want them to show me,so i can feel that it too.."
"I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we'll never know most of them. But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things.,And we can try to feel okay about them..(remember that we can always choose where we will go from here..and that is what matters..)

do u like one night stands?

ash its U!! no i don't.! i know u do! hahaha



hello? hahah nice



kulitan mode with my nephew..wearing the "window shades"..heheh! mukha kasing bintana weh..hahaha! try qoh lng..i wont ever wear them outside..kakahiya lolz!


Thursday, May 20, 2010


After a devastating week, i decided to cut my hair for real.! lol..para mawala lng lhat ng "MALAS" from my past..hehe! new life, new hair!..
every 2 months naman kasi ngppagupit aqoh un nga lang trim2x lang so nde ren halata na ngpagupit me..but now i cut it short just to see a lil diffirence..Plus sobrang INIT!! sa bansa nten because of summer.,arrghhhh.,di bale ng nde bagay sken bsta wag lang mainitan haha!
Kea im looking forward to my bday this coming June5 kasi before tuwing bday qoh dala-dalawa ang bagyo ok lng! pero wag nman sana maulit ang Ondoy ha..!

Monday, May 17, 2010

LUCKY (my duet)

This is me having a duet with a guy on Youtube (mesa1469) LOL..its Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Cailat..
credit goes to mesa1469..thanks:)

and yeah im singin cause half of my problem was solve! yay.,im sooo happy:)

d2 ko nkita ang nakakaaliw mong personality..harhar.. twing klan k b online? sana mkchat kta minsan...

harhar??? sounds familiar always online nman sa gavi..mga 10pm..i gave u my YM don sa blog qoh poh.,nkakaaliw b personality qoh d2 sa formspring??? LoL.,thanks.,i try.,just hit me back on my blog or my YM.,i do have a facebook,.same email.,mamatz Don ayt!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

do u consider ur self as a tru friend?? and y??

I know im a true friend to those who are true to me., but i choose to allow my actions speak as my witness on that..,all i know is that im a forgiving friend.,ayt!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Staying Positive

gosh toooooooo many stressed out!...but i know it'll all be glad made a few friends whom i can really rely on.,specially Ate Abby.,she's a Muslim and ive learned a lot from her.:) its been a busy week for me.,school and election.,good thing is i always sleep at 10pm lol.,and ive met new people.,and well old highschool friend who i just noticed just now.,Last election we're always laughing and others think we're an item and for me its nothing.,i just really like his sunny personality.,and i can be like a tomboy and at the same time a lady when he's around.,and he said he didnt know im that cool to be with.,hahaha.,i missed that day..but take note: he's just a friend.don't wanna mess up with other girl's guy.NOT AGAIN!
im so lazy to make some entries here so im just on tumblr.,para mgreblog nlng.,and cause im so stress.,i forgot all bout the AJ 1st i felt bad..after our last convo when i told him "i hate him for being a jerk" .,i felt bad cause he used to be nice and i just thought maybe he's just having problems.,and i used to be the one who listens to him.,and im being so sensitive.,so then i decided i should talk and say sorry  but LOL.,good heavens.,i decided to log in to MySpace.,but i accidentaly click the suggested link below the browser.,it turned out its his profile on MySpace pala.,! nasa history qoh..aun then i've read his Status update.,and he said something like "waiting for my girl:)"..and "i heart u:)"....then i said to myself "oh i see,,thats the reason he changed.,"...oh well! then after that i just learned to forget! and its strange cause i didnt feel any sign of jealousy. and im glad in just a day or so im ok now.,i dont wanna lie,i miss our happy chats every once in a while, but i stopped reading it na on my archive..even our 1st chat..she has a girl now but doesnt mean i have to lol.,im enjoying my life now and i dont wanna waste my time and this time around i need to be soooo picky so i wont be wrong again:)
so this afternoon,ill be facing my major problem as of today and hope it'll be ok..if it ends well then i would be very happy!! my birthday is coming so i hope that would be my gift.. ill be with ate abby later! WISH ME LUCK!

Friday, May 14, 2010


its almost 6am and im craving for HALO-HALO…arrrrghhhh…im gonna eat out! Chowking here i come!