Saturday, May 15, 2010

Staying Positive

gosh toooooooo many stressed out!...but i know it'll all be glad made a few friends whom i can really rely on.,specially Ate Abby.,she's a Muslim and ive learned a lot from her.:) its been a busy week for me.,school and election.,good thing is i always sleep at 10pm lol.,and ive met new people.,and well old highschool friend who i just noticed just now.,Last election we're always laughing and others think we're an item and for me its nothing.,i just really like his sunny personality.,and i can be like a tomboy and at the same time a lady when he's around.,and he said he didnt know im that cool to be with.,hahaha.,i missed that day..but take note: he's just a friend.don't wanna mess up with other girl's guy.NOT AGAIN!
im so lazy to make some entries here so im just on tumblr.,para mgreblog nlng.,and cause im so stress.,i forgot all bout the AJ 1st i felt bad..after our last convo when i told him "i hate him for being a jerk" .,i felt bad cause he used to be nice and i just thought maybe he's just having problems.,and i used to be the one who listens to him.,and im being so sensitive.,so then i decided i should talk and say sorry  but LOL.,good heavens.,i decided to log in to MySpace.,but i accidentaly click the suggested link below the browser.,it turned out its his profile on MySpace pala.,! nasa history qoh..aun then i've read his Status update.,and he said something like "waiting for my girl:)"..and "i heart u:)"....then i said to myself "oh i see,,thats the reason he changed.,"...oh well! then after that i just learned to forget! and its strange cause i didnt feel any sign of jealousy. and im glad in just a day or so im ok now.,i dont wanna lie,i miss our happy chats every once in a while, but i stopped reading it na on my archive..even our 1st chat..she has a girl now but doesnt mean i have to lol.,im enjoying my life now and i dont wanna waste my time and this time around i need to be soooo picky so i wont be wrong again:)
so this afternoon,ill be facing my major problem as of today and hope it'll be ok..if it ends well then i would be very happy!! my birthday is coming so i hope that would be my gift.. ill be with ate abby later! WISH ME LUCK!

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