Wednesday, June 30, 2010


i said i wont cry remember.,but when i saw this video that he dedicated to me.,i cant help but cry.,i was touch and hurt at the same time.,:(

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What's your love story?

another love a simple girl with a complicated lovelife.,sobra..ive been into a long relationship (almost 5yrs) and i thought he'll be the one for me.,but i just woke up one day that im not inlove i cant see myself sharing my life with him till i get old..why? he's a good guy but wasnt good enough or maybe too good for me..he got the money but still immature bout a lot of things..i need a man, not a kid..then i realize it doesnt matter how long u guys been together.,its the dedication, love, loyalty and companionship that matters.,ive hurt him i know and im sorry (u know who u are..) and i hope uve found the right girl for u.,ur new one :) and with all honesty im really really happy 4 u.,thanks for the love:)

then after that..i decided to be single for a while..what a nice feeling..i had fun with my friends! as in super!! mallin, clubbin .,no heartaches, more money LOL! ( but yeah more money hahaha :)) though it gets lonely sometimes i dont want to be wrong happy with my friends and family so that's enough for me..but then i met a guy from a far away shrek lol ....and yeah wrong one again..but ive moved on and its cool cause

WAIT im gonna watch anime first lol..someone's bugging be continued!!!


Friday, June 25, 2010

will you be a cool mom or a strict mom in the future?

hahaha this is a strange question lol..but ok..since i want to have a baby boy as a 1st child in the future.I think i have to be strict but just have to be loving and encouraging at the same time. I think that’s the key. I guess I don’t want him to be too entitled, so we’ll definitely try to keep him down to earth, and be strict with him but also be loving and encouraging, like I said. That’s the main thing that I see as important right now. I mean, not yet - I think six months is when you start… For six months, if the baby cries and needs something you have to give it to him, but I think after that then you have to kinda start showing him, I dunno, how to be a good dude..and no i wont be havinng a kid 1year from now! LOL..wag nman po muna hehe :P


Friday, June 4, 2010


I hate how unfair life is.
I said I’m not going to fall, but I did. He was just so sweet, caring, and true to himself. He wouldn’t boast around, he knows how to start a good conversation. His honesty wasn’t a question either. He’s not afraid to tell me what he thinks, to share who he is, and to show me what he can do. But at the same time, his honesty tore me apart...i mean can he really be true..?