Sunday, June 27, 2010

What's your love story?

another love a simple girl with a complicated lovelife.,sobra..ive been into a long relationship (almost 5yrs) and i thought he'll be the one for me.,but i just woke up one day that im not inlove i cant see myself sharing my life with him till i get old..why? he's a good guy but wasnt good enough or maybe too good for me..he got the money but still immature bout a lot of things..i need a man, not a kid..then i realize it doesnt matter how long u guys been together.,its the dedication, love, loyalty and companionship that matters.,ive hurt him i know and im sorry (u know who u are..) and i hope uve found the right girl for u.,ur new one :) and with all honesty im really really happy 4 u.,thanks for the love:)

then after that..i decided to be single for a while..what a nice feeling..i had fun with my friends! as in super!! mallin, clubbin .,no heartaches, more money LOL! ( but yeah more money hahaha :)) though it gets lonely sometimes i dont want to be wrong happy with my friends and family so that's enough for me..but then i met a guy from a far away shrek lol ....and yeah wrong one again..but ive moved on and its cool cause

WAIT im gonna watch anime first lol..someone's bugging be continued!!!


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