Friday, June 25, 2010

will you be a cool mom or a strict mom in the future?

hahaha this is a strange question lol..but ok..since i want to have a baby boy as a 1st child in the future.I think i have to be strict but just have to be loving and encouraging at the same time. I think that’s the key. I guess I don’t want him to be too entitled, so we’ll definitely try to keep him down to earth, and be strict with him but also be loving and encouraging, like I said. That’s the main thing that I see as important right now. I mean, not yet - I think six months is when you start… For six months, if the baby cries and needs something you have to give it to him, but I think after that then you have to kinda start showing him, I dunno, how to be a good dude..and no i wont be havinng a kid 1year from now! LOL..wag nman po muna hehe :P


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