Monday, March 29, 2010


ei josh..e2 n po yung pnagawa u na banner..sowee mejo wla me maisip..ahmm pero nilagay qoh nman ung baril (FN P90) tama ayt? tykes dba..,un lng! :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


This post is specially dedicated to =AiCe=...i just met her thru my blog..dun s chatbox qoh sa YM..:) tinatapos nea daw ang knyang term paper and naligaw xa d2 accidentaly..(what time n nga ba un aice??" )  she asked me if nakaka-relate b daw me sa "green na kahon quotes"....hahah not anymore..guys will come for us..not the other way around..ganda2x mo weh:P  GIRL POWER...^_^

Saturday, March 27, 2010


"Sorry bumenta lang talaga sakin. Migxz (@yellowshirt) posted this status at 7:15PM, 1 and a half hour earlier than the actual schedule of Earth Hour. Si Migxz talaga oh. HAHAHAHAHAHA :)

Anyway, support Earth Hour! Turn off the lights for an hour from 8:30PM to 9:30PM. It would make a big difference if we switch off our lights later. Let’s do our part in helping our planet. And we should maintain our number 1 spot for the country with the most number participants on Earth Hour! Let’s go Philippines! :)"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i wonder how it feels like to be a bloodsucker

Sunday, March 21, 2010


weekends kea wla mgawa..sinama me ni ate sa bday ng friend nea s novaliches...sumama me kc malapit lang dun ung hauz nmen sa caloocan..ok nman videoke,konting inom..kso may isang guy dun dikit ng pa ng pa-pic..he asked for my number pero mali bngay qoh haha..kea yan..xa c shrek now..:)
Shrek, Professor Oliver and Me..,yeah prof xa s math..bata pa nuh?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Now nkahinga n me mluwag kasi at last nkapag-apply n me ng bagong ATM..kc hirap pag lage tamang hinala sa byahe.,lalo n gavi me uwi,iwas hold with the help of my sis,kulang kc valid id qoh kea s knya qoh muna pinangalan...aun ndeposit qoh n lhat ng kabang yaman qoh..lolz..pra iwas gastos den..kea dpat lahat teo mg-atm nlng ng wlang mkuha mga holdapers n yan~!

mga mtatakaw hehehe 
(isa n dun ung kumukuha ng pic,lage me behind the scenes..hehe)


University of Manila

its a loooong me..kasi inauz qoh credentials qoh sa school..since nung ng-grad kc me nde qoh nakuha diploma qoh...kc mejo inis me sa administrator nmen...terror! but after 2yrs now nlng me ule nakatungtong sa alma mater qoh..ngflashback 2loy college life qoh..mga group studies.,mga tambay mode with my classmates.,ang saya n nkabalik ule.,aun clearance mode.,feeling qoh 2loy estudyante n nman me.,dahil papirma d2,papirma dun..hayz sumakit paa qoh..buti nlng cnamahan me ni ate ann..aun pic ng pic.,haizzt bblik p me.,
shorcut from Univ of Manila  to  University of the East
(d2 me daan and pa-xerox hihihihi)
outside Univ of Mla...bili ng shake:)


Sunday after Pacquiao's fight ayaw q matulog sa hapon kc bka mhirapan me mgsleep ng gavi kea i decided n gumala with my fave nephew Pepeng..

nood ng movie...
walkalator, fave spot ni pepeng
pepeng at Air Art
nauboz barya qoh hehehe
movie time! nde pa start..

mmm? bakit parang hindi kita ma timingan na online?? hehehe... ayaw mo lang siguro sabihin on whatever you are so sensitive about..

nope..minsan nlng kc me mg-OL sa ym..and nung time n ngcomment u sa FB qoh po pa-sleep n me nun kea nde n me nkapag-sign in..ching2x u teo later aqoh n mismo mg-PM seo..bleh!:P


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


"Life is a road full of twists and turns. Learn to enjoy the ride no matter how bumpy it is. For every twist and turn, a blessing is always given in return." ^_^

Sunday, March 14, 2010


my fave libangan when im bored..sobrang galing nito

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


me after my ate's bday..kanta mode habang tipsy..hahaha..e2 mga fave qoh kantahin pag videoke mode kami..of course im with my friends..I LoVe ThEm! They Make me HAPPY..! ^_^

ehem commercial muna....c crush ngcomment..gulat me..:)

Jonathan Cuadra
Jonathan Cuadra 
kaw po b un kmakanta? wow ganda voice ahh..xD
4 hours ago · 
Ash Jerald Benedicto
Ash Jerald Benedicto 
oo cia yun..ganda talga nyan.. hehehe
4 hours ago · 
Jonathan Cuadra
Jonathan Cuadra 
ahh,ok ahh..pde b kta mka duet mj? haha
4 hours ago · 
Mjay Uzumaki
Mjay Uzumaki 
@jon duet? hahah,cge ba what song una nten kkantahin? hmmm mukhang videoke king c jon...pwede..hehehe!

@ash utang me seo piso haha.,pre bored nq,2loy b kita2x tom?
25 seconds ago · 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

bakit minsan snob ka?

wuu..prang ncurious me if cnu u ah..ok my guess..c burn or gary..? tma ba? anywayz aqoh snob?? nde po ah..busy2xhan lng mdalas.,wukie?sapat n b answer qoh?



ok wlang connect sa blog qoh..funny lang..hehe

Minsan dumarating ang point na gusto qoh baliktarin ang computer qoh..wala kasi aqong mgawa..tamad minsan mgblog..tamad manood ng movie..tamad mg-facebook...araw2x mo b nman kasing gawin nde k b mgsasawa..? kaya e2 download aqoh ng games baka sakaling mwala boredom qoh..
but now naisip qoh ung sa lumang computer nung bata pa aqoh...mhilig pla aqoh gumawa ng story dun.,i mean romance stories na nde nman matapos2x..but there's one story n alam qoh based sa teenage life qoh at that time..un nga lang nasira ung computer nde qoh na na-back up..(wla pa nman kc aqoh alam sa back-up2x nun)..
So now that i have an idea, ill make use of this blog to make another just wondering panu me mgccmula..malay mo mging Stephanie Meyer aqoh..hahaha..(in my dreams..!)...Why not ung sumulat nga ng twilight, isang housewife n nabored lng sa buhay nea.,and nde nman tlga xa writer but nsan n xa now.,multi-millionaire n mlmang.,ok ok.,dream...
No,wla lang tlga qoh mgawa,.im glad tinwagan aqoh ni admin knina, and he told me dadalaw xa d2 s friday.,aw no sabi qoh watch nlng kmi ng movie sa SM.,kc nga alam neo ba P10.00 nlng ang movie sa SM? yep.,actually mtagal na.,mg-1 year na.,pero mga old movies nga lang.,not really old kc mga movie n pinalabas last year.,alala qoh ksama qoh nun c Phijay last year ata un.,"Step Up 2",ung watch nmen.,then after that kmi nina Pepeng.,minsan with my friends.,or minsan aqoh lng mg-isa.,tumatakas me kina Ash kc msarap manood mg-isa.,no destructions,.
But sa friday,yayain qoh cna Blaire pra mas masaya.,mxado kc madaldal c Admin,nde kea ng powers qoh.,hahaha.,

ok layo n ng topic qoh.,ok im off to go!

Monday, March 8, 2010


im not really into rap..pero may mga pili me na rap songs n gusto qoh.,and these two songs are my fave as of play!


Forget Princess, i wanna be a werewolf.

i just finished reading the 3rd book of Twilight Saga.."Eclipse" first tinigil qoh xa basahin kasi sabi qoh wait qoh n muna ung showing sa June..but i can't get enough of Jacob Black..yeah dati ayaw qoh sa knya cause im more inlove with Edward Cullen..( i can still remember nung loka-lokahan pa me kay Edward,dami nya pics sa pc qoh.,

but as the story goes, i fell in love with Jacob's character..i realized mas ok xa.,mas human.,mas totoo.,i really love the way he smiles and brighten up's Bella's day.,mas nagustuhan qoh xa kesa sa lageng tahimik at emo na c Edward..maybe because nakikita qoh self qoh sa knya,.i mean romantic but masayahin.,full of life.!
and grabe ang loyalty nea kay Bella.,and natutuwa aqoh sa exchange of lines nila ni Bella..

I’ll be your friend, Bella,” he said quietly. “I won’t ask for more than that.”
“I think it’s too late for that, Jake. How can we be friends, when we love each other like this?”
He looked at the ceiling, his stare intent, as if he were reading something that was written there. “Maybe
. . . it will have to be a long-distance friendship.”
I clenched my teeth together, glad he wasn’t looking at my face, fighting against the sobs that threatened to overtake me again. I needed to be strong, and I had no idea how. . . .
“You know that story in the Bible?” Jacob asked suddenly, still reading the blank ceiling. “The one with
the king and the two women fighting over the baby?”
“Sure. King Solomon.”
“That’s right. King Solomon,” he repeated. “And he said, cut the kid in half . . . but it was only a test.
Just to see who would give up their share to protect it.”
“Yeah, I remember.”
He looked back at my face. “I’m not going to cut you in half anymore, Bella.”

“Let me know if you want me to come back, and I’ll be here,” I promised.
With a sigh, he turned his cheek toward me.
I leaned in and kissed his face softly. “Love you, Jacob.”
He laughed lightly. “Love you more.”

E2 ung mga part na gustong-gusto qoh...may iba pa kaso nde q n mhanap sa haba ng story...but i really love the book and now im on the 4th one, "Breaking Dawn"..i just hope na nde me ma-dissapoint sa movie cause i bet mdaming scenes ang mawawala.,but hey i dont mind.,basta makita qoh lng ang wolf qoh.,Jacob Black..he's so cute.,and romantic.,! Taylor Lautner rocks!
wooh total hotness!

my fave part on NewMoon baby's sleepin..^_^

Facebook | Mjay Uzumaki

| Mjay Uzumaki: "August M Patano Elow kahon.maligayang pag ba2lik s station ng mga peteks mode. P request naman ng kanta my boo. At paki bati mga taga citi. C magsambol,edy at lahat dun ng priemer boys. Thanks.
February 28 at 11:31am � Comment � Like � See Wall-to-Wall

Mjay Uzumaki haha..kala q ba prime solutions keo.,anywayz sure,will play it tom..petiks tlga ha.,aminado.,hehe!
February 28 at 8:05pm �

August M Patano C jay jay ang price ako naman citibnk
February 28 at 10:42pm �

August M Patano C jay jay ang price ako naman citibnk!Hehehe tlgng petiks lng gnhawa kya wahahaha
February 28 at 10:42pm �

Mjay Uzumaki aww mgkaiba pala keo.,i wonder kninong request qoh una i-play.,ung seo or ung kay jay2x.,my special request ang lola u weh.,haha
March 1 at 12:15am �

August M Patano ganun my special pa talaga heheheheh
March 1 at 7:21am �

Mjay Uzumaki hahaha special daw weh..prang bibingka lang.,lol
March 1 at 8:51am �

August M Patano Thanks s pag bati. Narinig kna s station mo. tlgng my pag ka emo. Yang jay jay !tatawagan ko nga at aasarin. Ko.
March 1 at 9:14am �"

Just testing ung new toolbar ng Blogger..e2ng "BLOG THIS"..ok xa..i can blog anything i want from any webpage..quickblog ang dating...anywayz that's August..listener qoh sa musicstation qoh..mtagal n kc me tumigil mgplay ng songs dun kasi mejo busy and tamad mode..kaso dami ngrerequest n mga telemarketers kea aun binalik qoh..haist...dami q 2loy nrereceive n text requesting for songs..,pati facebook qoh nde nakaligtas hehe.,

HANG-OVER..hate it!

Wow kakapagtaka,.whole day aqong nde nakapag-online dahil sa hangover..yeah i slept all day..grabe pasakit na hangover...tagal qoh n kasing nde nainom..last qong inom is with phijay,jay-r and aiza..after lang me ule sa villa,kakakulit ni phijay.,i met her new gf nren c aiza.,though i know its nothing serious,,.im happy nren kc at least naka-move on n c phijay.,^_^
So un nga whole day me nde nkapag-online pero nde ata gumalaw accounts qoh.,kahit sa FB..kinda strange.,
anyway..after the celebration, the dreaded hangover...arrghh.,vomit mode.,then nde q nmalayan 5am n pla.,so ngtoothbrush muna qoh then i went out pra bumili ng MILO (e2 hanap qoh pag nsusuka me)..then bumili ren me pandesal..ok i ate with peanut butter habang nsa kama me.,then i tried to sleep..but after 1 hr, napabangon me..grabe nhihilo me labas ule me bili ng softdrinks..biniro pa qoh nung tindera.."hangover no?"after that uminom me ng mraming-maraming tubig then i went back to sleep..aun buong day me naka-sleep..gumising lang me pra mg-eat and ligo..then sleep ule.,and now its 4am,gising n me ule.,i wont sleep na pra maaga me maka-pasok..
Haisttt ayaw q muna alak..huhuhu!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


mj kinda sad., kc tonight was the celebration of my sister's bday..and kasi there was this guy na i dont know iba daw tingin sken nung una pa lng..ok im flattered in a way na may nakaka-appreciate sken..but the thing mejo turn off lng pag ung guy is commited na..Andami kasing bisita na dumating kasama na ung mga dear friends qoh n c ash and blaire...kso problema nadala sa hospital si ate ann kc sumakit nga ang aqoh naiwan pra asikasuhin mga bisita nea..then e2 nga ung guy na kilala qoh na sa name nga lang nung bata pa nea "Benson"...classmate xa ni ate nung elementary..hearthrob xa ng skul before and even my ate jeng alam qoh crush xa.,
so to make the story short, i dont know why this guy mejo malapit sken.,he asked me if nsan na bf qoh and all that,.umuwi n lhat ng classmate nea.,xa ngstay pren.,kso since classmate xa ni ate hinatid qoh xa s sakayan..kaso makulit xa,.ayaw nea qong umuwi..saying na kea lang daw xa ngstay dun because of me.."hahahaha na lang"...he likes me daw kc...nde nea ren daw why..then i told him "u know what need q na umuwi,kc inaantay den me nila dun.,and nde mo ba qoh kilala??!"
sabi nea "kilala kita sister ka ni coso and bata k pa lng nkikita n kita." qoh un na nga.."bata plng me kilala u na me,nde mo b alam n mgagalit seo ate qoh if gnyan arte mo.."
then sabi nea "u don't like me ba?" sabi qoh.."okay ur cute,,pero alam mo matino pa qoh,..and now inaantay ka ng misis mo at baby mo,kea umuwi ka na..!..totoo lng mejo nagsisisi n qoh at this time bakit aqoh pa nghatid s knya,.then sabi nea.,"alam mo now qlng naisip sana nde muna me ng-asawa..then napaisp me.."LIAR!"
sabi nea "alam mo iba ka.,"..sabi qoh sorry pero need q na tlga umuwi,bka hnap n me..iniwan qoh xa.,,humabol xa,.but then pinakiusapan qoh xa na umuwi na.,kulit.,kkakainis.! sana daw sa reunion nila.,sumama qoh.,arrrghh.,! ok he's cute but hey may sabit! MAJOR TURN OFF!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


a very magical song.. i really like the vid cause it reminds me of my old school City College of Manila (before i transferred to Univ of Manila) and Baywalk...and the bridge lights..

Thursday, March 4, 2010


been using this for about a works as a detector if ano ang real status ng friend mo sa YM..(offline ba talaga or invisible lang..) secret qoh lang 2 before but since marami nren nkakaalam, i might as well share it..
just go to this link and type ur friend's email and aun na:
i have few friends na tinataguan qoh tlga sa YM and i wish nde pa nila 2 alam..aqoh daw c "INVI LADY"...hehe