Monday, September 19, 2011


Yesterday afternoon as i was sleeping..i had a dream..(expect it to be a weird one..oh well all dreams are weird anyway..) sooo thing i really love bout sleeping is DREAMING..its like a "free movie" wherein you're the lead character.,funny when sometimes in your dreams you'll encounter individuals you haven't seen in your entire life..(although i've read that all the people you see in your dreams even if u don't know them or they're not familiar to you, the fact is you've seen that person once in your life ,might be someone from your school, or someone you've seen while you're in a bus, etc. ) One time i had a dream that my boyfriend is this

Friday, September 9, 2011


oh well.,im back again.,im recording the audiobook of Paper Towns by John Green..kea bawal me mg-ingay here sa pc..kea eto i decided to write here nlng since matagal na ren akong nde nkkpagsulat here sa blog qoh.,

so ano b ngyari sken these past few months.,aun last January finally i got my college diploma.,thanks God sa tagal-tagal ng