Sunday, December 25, 2011


in exchange of my wish PSP/netbook this christmas, i decided to just ask my Papa to build me a little room.,(our house is just small)..soo after buying some of the equipments and with my Papa & Mama's help (and my nephews too) i was able to do my lil project.,my christmas gift for myself ..=)

took 2 months though cause my Papa can only work on it on Sundays.,and hey i did all the painting and decorating.,took me 2 whole days to finish the painting of the wall and the ceilings...didn't know its that hard..i wasn't able to open my right hand that much because it hurts :( but lol its worth it! so here's the pic when its still super "kawawa" (ugly and messy) till it was done..its not that super okay..just simple..but i still love it.,♥

First Day: October 2011 
     what a pity sight lol.,            my papa started building the skeleton..=]      my niece Ali messing    with my   Papa's work

Sunday, December 4, 2011

December OverHaul!

well it's been soooo long since my last post here.,i don't know why..maybe i just like writing when im brokenhearted lol.,and im not sure if its a good thing or not, cause that means i am not "duguan" when it comes to love.,just plainly single.,no hang ups, no worries.,i am happy though.:)

so anyways Christmas is coming and i guess i need to update my blog on what happened to me this past few months.,well just two things actually, last month (November 21)  i had a minor surgery (again after 4yrs)..and i was really excited cause i'm the type of person who really loves testing myself when it comes to pain..but my god, "masakit siya teh!!" i mean i thought im gonna go crazy in pain, cause the anesthesia wore off in the middle of the incision so i had to bear the pain throughout the whole operation....:(  and now i don't like to be even go back for a check up..bad experience..-_-

going it's the 4th of December, only 21 days before my christmas...i wasn't able to buy my christmas wish..a new PSP..:( cry cry...(cause i had to sell my psp last yr for my tuition.heartbreaking..ugh)  cause i decided to