Sunday, December 4, 2011

December OverHaul!

well it's been soooo long since my last post here.,i don't know why..maybe i just like writing when im brokenhearted lol.,and im not sure if its a good thing or not, cause that means i am not "duguan" when it comes to love.,just plainly single.,no hang ups, no worries.,i am happy though.:)

so anyways Christmas is coming and i guess i need to update my blog on what happened to me this past few months.,well just two things actually, last month (November 21)  i had a minor surgery (again after 4yrs)..and i was really excited cause i'm the type of person who really loves testing myself when it comes to pain..but my god, "masakit siya teh!!" i mean i thought im gonna go crazy in pain, cause the anesthesia wore off in the middle of the incision so i had to bear the pain throughout the whole operation....:(  and now i don't like to be even go back for a check up..bad experience..-_-

going it's the 4th of December, only 21 days before my christmas...i wasn't able to buy my christmas wish..a new PSP..:( cry cry...(cause i had to sell my psp last yr for my tuition.heartbreaking..ugh)  cause i decided to
have my room fixed..actually my first actual room..cause i used to share mine with my 2 sisters and im all alone! ( not exactly cause i asked my nephew Jusper to sleep with me,cause im scared of sleeping alone..-_-) The room's a bit messy when my papa first started building it, i had to put paper stuffs in the ceiling just to make it a bit presentable,took me 2 days!!

  soooo yeah last Nov.30 and yesterday i bought some stuffs for my room! (its a bit small,like a cupboard lol.,i call it Harry Potter room cause its soooo small, but i still love it! ) It's a bit tiring but oh well, im EXCITED to see what it'll looks like before xmas :)  i also bought some anime figures and i think it would be cool to collect them..i only bought 4 for now....ugh can't let go of my inner child.!

BUT! lastly, i want to thank my Papa for building me my room..and for the patience cause i always bugged him especially when its Sunday and he got no work.,and for my Mama for helping me to shop for stuffs that i'll need, and for sewing my bedsheet and curtains! i love them! Tomorrow's a big day! making shelves!

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