Sunday, December 25, 2011


in exchange of my wish PSP/netbook this christmas, i decided to just ask my Papa to build me a little room.,(our house is just small)..soo after buying some of the equipments and with my Papa & Mama's help (and my nephews too) i was able to do my lil project.,my christmas gift for myself ..=)

took 2 months though cause my Papa can only work on it on Sundays.,and hey i did all the painting and decorating.,took me 2 whole days to finish the painting of the wall and the ceilings...didn't know its that hard..i wasn't able to open my right hand that much because it hurts :( but lol its worth it! so here's the pic when its still super "kawawa" (ugly and messy) till it was done..its not that super okay..just simple..but i still love it.,♥

First Day: October 2011 
     what a pity sight lol.,            my papa started building the skeleton..=]      my niece Ali messing    with my   Papa's work

2nd Day : till the 3rd day, put some directory papers stuff on my ceiling to hide the imperfections and dust..such a tedious job..!
i also made this some sort of a string lamp for my light..not a perfect round shape though :P

Day 3 : around November i think..i made this sketch for a shelf i would like to have :) 

my sample shelf, i used my fave child actor's pic, Zaijan hehe :P       my papa started making  the shelf
                                    now its done!                                               put it up on the wall..!

Day 4: Around December, now it's my turn to paint the whole thing up! was excited at first, dying after long hours of painting lol! :D

what i used :       2 cans of white paint ( flatwall for the primer & semigloss for the final coating)
                                 2 small tinting color  ( yellow and red )
                                 1 mini rolling brush

(had to remove all the figurines and stuffs..will just put it back after)
my not so pretty walls

after painting the primer...ahmmm okay lang?

    for Final Coat : tried mixing peach color                  and oh i also painted my ceiling with flatwall

and here's the final coat! a glossy one! :)

Day 5:  Had to wait for the paint to dry..and then i moved on to putting some old and new stuffs back :)

                i just used linoleum for flooring         since my room is just small, no need for bed frame

put some curtains..
placed my books and some of my collections

and VOILA! my new room! ^_^

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