Monday, May 24, 2010


after my practicum.,if hinde me work here sa Pinas.,hopefully i can go somewhere else.,i prefer somewhere cold sana kc mamatay me sa heat..kso its much easier to travel in middle east countries so ill start there.,haiissttt if P5.00 lang ang pamasahe ppunta ibang bansa baka nalibot qoh na buong mundo.,hehehhe! i want to see 'SnoW'.,its my dream.,and even go to Disneyland.,right now after meeting Aaron im more interested to meet guys from other countries.,cause we'll have a lot of things to talk about cause we've got a lot of diffirences,.its not bout the money.,i can marry a poor guy in the US as long as he'll give me cute babies! LOL.,in my observation mixed blood babies are the cutest!
Hello World!  watch out for me :)

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