Monday, May 24, 2010


Its my Papa and niece's birthday..actually yesterday cause its past 3am now.,after the celebration i went upstairs..wala lang.,sakit kc ulo qoh dahil sa sobrang INIT!! soooo hot!! but then while i was eating ,im watching Pinoy Big Brother.,i switched to channel 
11 (QTV)..there's a movie,.and dahil wla me interest sa movies binalik qoh sa PBB.,nowadays kasi ilang beses n qoh nanonood online pero nde q matapos2x kc its either im chatting or ngbrowse.,then ill lose interest sa pinapanood qoh.,i prefer watching a movie on tv or cinema kc wla mxadong istorbo.,i missed watching TV kc im always on my pc.,haist!
Anyways, so un nga i dont know why pero i decided na ibalik sa QTV, i thought the film was kinda boring but i was wrong.,ah yeah i forgot the titlle is,"Mr.Winterbourne"..its about a movie bout an eighteen-year-old Connie Doyle an expectant mother with no money and an uncertain future. In a screwball case of mistaken identity, a grieving Mrs. Winterbourne takes the girl to live with her in the stately Winterbourne mansion, believing she is the wife of her deceased son..(ok i just copy-pasted that part..hehe..thanks to google..^_^.)
Napaisip me talaga on the 1st part of the movie.,kc yung girl after she got pregnant by a someone who turned out to be a "BIG JERK".,aun nagpakalat2x money, no house, no one to support her and her baby.,just because of being too naive, and a lil stupid.(,though on the last part she got married with a super hot and rich guy).. i still dont want it to happen to me.,thats when i realized that id rather be an old maid and be alone than to be on that kind of situation.,i know it would be lonely but nah i can manage being alone than having a guy like that asshole.,soooooo now i promised myself that i won't ever make a mistake again..and if i'ill ever be in a relationship,that guy should really earn my trust 1st..or i won't setlle.
anyways,u should watch it guys.Plus my crush Brendan Fraser is the lead actor!
After the Bucket List, im glad i was able to finish this movie.,soooooooo sweet!~

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