Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Like so many that have been in love, the word LOVE has been used and abused, neglected, taken advantage of, lied to, cheated on, and sometimes even forgotten. Used to be that the word 'love' could pump the breaks on a conversation and leave somebody feeling utterly speechless..Now, it's used to fill in breaks in conversations and pump reason back into why you can't leave someone who's making you feel utterly useless.

So, you see..I, I don't want to "EL OH VEE EE YOU", but i do want to take those letters, flip them backwards, and use them to spell the beginning of the word "EVOLVE".., because i want us to grow into something indescribable by just one word.

I don't want to love, but i do want to make you like my childhood bestfriend, so that no matter how many times we hurt each other or beat each other up inside, i know we can always make up again.

And i want to show you off to the world, a permanent connection, so perfectly passionate that i can sit you on the opposite side of the jam packed arena , look at you once, and have them everybody know that you're my guy..:)

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