Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I was checking other blogs that i used to follow when i was still active here on blogspot when i saw my ex Luis's blog site...i didnt know he made a post a month after we broke up..i was suprised..good thing ive read it only now cause if its like 4mos earlier that would hurt a's a part of what he wrote:

...Today i would like to tell everyone about how everything is going well my mom has gotten a promotion and we was gonna move to ohio but her boss messed up the contract so we are going to move to Pennsylvania to work over there and live and hopefully we can just stay in one spott.^_^.............but on the other hand im really sad because i had let someone really dear to me go and i had to she might not know it but it was for her own good she will find someone better in her own country and not only am i sad over that im sad because its really hard to find the best girl friend she was the one but she was far away u know we would tell each other about getting a job and meeting each other but the way i see it is so outrageous like it was so kool theres no words to explain the feelings and the thoughts of those times i just wish some day i can find a girl like that over here and on another note i saw my ex girl friends myspace pic with her new man there like in Amsterdam right now having fun and what not i was really happy for her and sadden at the same time....

I sent him a message on facebook after a moment of being speechless lol.,though we could have been good together.,im happy that we're both pursuing our career.,and after all the good and bad things that happened.,maybe its really for the better :)

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