Tuesday, January 6, 2009

EMOTE2x ang LOLA mo..

hmmm..its finally over..yeah, me & my papa just broke up a while ago..for real..biruin mo un..well at least..im happy kc once & for all nkapag-decide na xa..i've been waiting for that time na sasabihin nya na "Hey loka,nkapili na qoh!" ...lol...though nde favorable saken ung decision its ok..maybe he's not really 4 me & im not 4 him...he chose her..why? kc im not there daw 4 him..and the other gurl? isang text lng,reply agad...nde nea ba naisip n gnun ang ginawa q b4 4 him..but it seems that nkalimutan nea na un..that's bullshit..he's asking me to help him..nde nea alam i need his help too...nde nea lam n sa game n 2, aqoh ang pinakamalaki ang sinugal cause eventhough i know that sobrang tagilid me when it comes to distance & time...because mahal q xa khit lam qong pwede me matalo in the end..tinaya q pati puso qoh..sounds corny..hehe..pero corny nman lhat pag in love right?

its hard when ur fighting for someone pero mismong taong un nde lumalaban 4 u..or minsan xa mismo klaban u..kc he's mgulo..to be honest? im sooo hurt...i don't wanna cry..promise..im so...so.. hurt..GOsh ang weird qoh! Why do u have to cry 4 someone na prang s ibang planeta nktira?..DAmN..love tlaga,so weird...ewan qoh ba..nde q ren maexplain weh...maybe that's LOve..stupid, complicated.. mxado kc me ng-expect sa relationship nmen.,we're so happy.,i know its wrong pero sabi nga its d feeling that makes it right.,sarap kc to finally found someone na halos kapareho mo..mdalas pa may mngyari sameng dlawa.,i don't know if coincidence lng un or what..but the sad thing is eventhough i know nman na love kren nman nea khit papano..he didn't fight 4 it...now im wondering if dhil im super sweet lng kea ngus2han nea me..DUH...nging sweet lng nman me because of him weh..dhil i love him................Fuck that love (im not sure if allowed ung term n2 sa blog..) Hmf..he'll miss me kea..? ung pagke-care q 4 him...txts..kols..i dont know................la me dapat gwin kundi to 4get him na....bdtrip pa wlang makaintindi sa problem q kc nga sobrang imposible nga................mero nga ng-offer ng help..sus balak nmang mangarir pa saken....Haller??ganda nea tumyming ha...nppadami na tuldok q ah...huhuhuhuh..haisssst......ilaro q nlng 2 house of the dead..isipin q nlng every zombie cla un...GOsh im not making any sense now.....cge nah..shit xa.

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