Sunday, January 18, 2009

And2 na Qoh Oh?

Papa qoh:
musta u poh?i know mejo ngsa2wa k n s mga kdramahan qoh sa lyf.,even ung mga mha2ba qong txt 4 u..well,ewan q ba.,nde q nga ren maintindihan self q weh.,bkit b mxado me nain-love seo?? nde nmn kita crush b4.,wag u ma-offend huh? pero ur the exact opposite of my ideal guy.,ahm 1st,ayoko ng dancer, kc most of them are showoffs & player.,2nd..u look like my ex,not exactly but my resemblance..3rd..ayoko poh sa gling sa province.,especially visayas.,maybe the "accent thing" kea ayoko.,i must admit b4 ung ibang chat nten ignore kita,khit andun me,ngttago me.,sowee papa..
But i don't know in just one snap,prng bigla me nfall seo.,khit me nde mkpniwala.,dhil ba ur nice? (before supernice ka,but now mejo nlng..)..or dhil sa mga sweet words u.,pero khit na weh,dmi q n keang nrinig na sweet words from other guys..did u cast a spell on me?? haha.,mybe no.,girls lng nmn mhilig mng-gayuma.,

Seriously,the reason why i made u this letter is not because ligawan ka.,*laughs*...remember when i told u n sana wag n teo away kc im tired of it nah.,though i know its impossible,wish q lng nmn u ayaw u n masungit me.,pero ur giving me the reason 2 be masungit poh.,

Ahm straight to d point nah.,knina svi qoh ur so insensitive.,pero d mo ata na-gets why q nsabi un.,i've been hiding this for so long seo.,pero 22o? ngtatampo me everytime u ask me to delete or edit some of my posts whether its a pic,a blog or a video...d u lam how much effort ang ginawa q for that.,feeling q 2loy my sakit me.,kc ur always hiding me to ur friends..

u told me last night.,that im the only one u love.,lam mo kung anong na-feel q nun?? im so happy at that time.,but i guess im wrong..dmi mo preng hesitations.,prang gus2 u me itago s mga mata ng friends u.,msakit xa 4 me.,kc nde gnun ung ginagawa q seo.,the messaging off,private profile,pg-delete u ng mga comments & pics sa mga account u.,what does it mean papa? eventhough u love me.,am i still one of ur options?? until now ba nmimili k pren?

now papa,sna if u really love me.,wag u me itago..,ano mo ba q?? or ngkbalikan ba keo? Kinakahiya u ba me or something pag nlman nila? Kala qoh ba wla kang pakialam sa sa2bihin ng iba...pero y u me tinatago..,? gusto mo ba nah ideny din kita? u think its right? do u think it won't hurt u..? ask urself....if answer mo is "yes,mhuhurt ka pag seo ginawa un".,then at least u'll be able to know why me masungit minsan.,im just hiding the not asking for too much.,or do i have the right ba? gosh pati aq nalito.,d q 2loy alam ano nga ba qoh seo? relationship n2..nsa seo lhat ng a man..

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