Thursday, March 12, 2009

1St day eXposUre sA bgOng Work.,

hAisst B4 PumAsok me.,e2 silip muna sa mga accounts.,its past 5am plng.,aga kc malayo me sa work.,im happy kc new adventure.,pero bgo un ngcheck me le sa FS ng horoscope,.hehe buti nmn positive..,but im not sure if 4 me 2.,pero wla lng.,pang-inspire lng.,

Exciting things are in store for you today, especially in terms of romance! You are finally in a place where you are ready to share more of yourself with someone else -- so start looking around for a good candidate if you don't have anyone in mind already. And if you are currently involved with someone, let your partner know how much you value them in your life. Get them a little gift or write a few honest words that say what you feel. Your heart is growing bigger and stronger.

new love in the making.,hmmm.,who's the guy?? hmm bka nde sken 2.,alis n me.,ciao!:)

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