Sunday, April 19, 2009

APRIL 18,2009.,BIG DAY 4 us,

hi its april 18,2009.,saturday.,and im here at work.,ahm can't focus.,kc excited and kabado.,u now why.,its 6:30 pm., and ilang hrs nlng mgkikita n kmi ni Naruto.,yep.,its our big day.,Finally ung mtgal n nmen wait mngyari ,mgkaka220 na.,he's flying from Cebu to Manila.,Saya.,Mea 11:20 pm dating nea.,and know we're texting nsa taxi n xa ppunta Mactan airport.,sundo qoh xa.,Gosh we're both excited.,Nde n kc kita na-update d2.,mg-1 month n kmi ok.,and since then aun nkita qoh ung dati qng Gax.,and not just that ung good side nea pa lalo.,sobrang nice xa sken and caring.,haist.,though my mga probs pa.,intindihin muna nmen happiness nmen.,wait CR lng me.,ngtext xa.,nsa airport n daw xa.,hold on!!

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