Wednesday, September 16, 2009


there are 2 persons n ngppabusy ng days qoh now..(yeah kea im always puyat) ... yeah if we're not talking over the phone, chat sa YM or skype..but most of the time eh thru Smart's UZZAP.,and now kami ang bida sa blog nah e2..cnu nga b cla? let's get 2 know them..

Kattie : also known as Jaja.. my bezzie and kambal.,a simple gurl (ahem..) from Malabon City! i've known her since Sept 2007..yeah thru line and my Spongebob's day..i remember when i first met her sa phone..

somebody called me and said "Hey majho ikaw b ung nsa confi?" .,
sabi q "nde why??"
somebody "weh kunyari ka pa,ikaw un weh, bat kaboses mo?"
sabi q " nde nga aq un.,kggising q lng nuh.,"
somebody "cge pasok k sa confi.,andun Jaja ang name!"

so aun i met her dun sa confi and dami natutuwa at nalilito smen kc we really sounds alike..,if close k n nmen dun u mkikita ang diffirence ng voice nmen,.personality? i can say that we're almost kambal nren kc we're both madaldal and makulit.,we can talk over the phone for 5hrs straight.,un nga lang mejo naging busy me kea my times that nde na kami mkpg-usap.,mgkasundo kami sa type ng guy kea if approve sken,lam nea na approve den s knya.,though we have lots of similarities mejo magkaiba ren ang views nmen sa life..and isang tao ang nakakaalam non and he's Jessie..

Jessie : eto c mr.loverboy, yep kc khit ang dami neang gurls he won't admit na playboy xa cause for him lahat "daw" un ay minahal nea.,wala daw "fling" (chicken)..i met him nung time n down me and now that im super ok, im glad that he's there pren and mas nging close kmi.,xa ren ang aking bagong adviser sa pagda-diet (sowee kumain me chocs knina..hehe) And kahit nman playboy to 4 me eh he's a gentleman nman and nde maarte..sweet den xa..neighbor ko 2 sa YM,sa skype,sa smart uzzap, at sa phone.,ahh yeah i forgot i think i have a pic of him when he's on cam.,lol..

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