Sunday, November 1, 2009


its almost 3am and im still awake..why? i just finished watching "Twilight".,yeah i know,i know ive watched it before kahit mejo late na.,wla lng kc natapos qoh lang basahin yung Twilight ebook..and im so madly inlove with Edward Cullen.,kea aun pinanood qoh ule xa.,though i must say the book is way better than the movie..but of course masarap pren tingnan c Edward ng gumagalaw.,Godlike!

anyways nde qoh maiwasang mapa-smile..or let's say "smirk"..kc b nman while im reading the book and watching the movie nde qoh maiwasang maalala ung past qoh..though ive already forgotten all about it..(ah yeah not all,but some..) kc obviously some of the lines that "the guy" told me was exactly the same sa mga lines ni edward cullen..and the "im bad image" is inadopt nea ren.,then aqoh naman subconsciously eh umaarteng prang c Bella.,like "ur not bad for me,cause i love u" attitude..its like the movie itself is "us"..i dont know if pinattern nea b tlaga ung mga pangyayari and mga lines,reactions...haist natatawa nlng tlga aqoh.! Stupid of me kc nde q pinanood ang Twilight, 5 months after xa pinalabas tska qoh lang pinanood.,and i was bombarded with all the lines and the scenes.,like "huh??prang narinig qoh na 2ng line n 2?" hahah.,so funny!

im glad im ok na now.,kc if before qoh 2 mapansin bka hurt pren mfeel qoh.,its like dejavu! hahaha.,anyways i should catch some sleep.,kc its 3am na.,and need qoh gumising ng 5am cause we're going to Laguna to visit my Lola.,sa everest...and im so excited kc its like our reunion nren sa mother side..:)but before that im gonna read "New Moon"..

Happy Halloween.,Start of my favorite season:)

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