Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FIREPOWER: Pacquiao vs Cotto

I really do want to Watch Pacquiao VS Cotto Live Streaming this November 15! Its barely a week already and I am starting to feel the tension between the two fighters Manny Pacman Pacquiao and Miguel “Junito” Cotto. May friend me sa Vegas (bf of my friend) and he got tickets..lucky him!

Some of you might wonder why its dated November 15, its because we (Philippines) are 1 day ahead, but rest assured the fight would commence may it be November 14 or November 15, what matters that most is that I should be able to Watch Pacquiao VS Cotto Live Streaming just like I did back then in the previous fights of Manny Pacquiao.

You might be wondering where you can Watch Pacquiao VS Cotto Live Streaming, well same here, but PLDT watchpad may be the best, but i haven't check that one..and im not sure if kayanin ng speed ng DSL..

Who would you be betting on by the way? As for me, Im still rooting for our fighter Manny Pacquiao to deliver the blow and give to KO to Miguel Cotto this November 15, and if you dont think so then I think it would be better if you would Watch Pacquiao VS Cotto Live Streaming to be able to see what I really mean.

But the hell we know, anything can happen..:)

Our Filipino pride won, by TKO sa 12th round..though favorable kay Pacman i don't think its a good me konti..wla mxado actions from Cotto.,but thanks at napanood qoh nman xa live..thanks Congrats to Pacquiao..Great Boxer.,masaya n nman malamang c Aling Dionisia.,hehehe:P

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