Monday, February 1, 2010

Nokia 5530 EXPRESS goal huhuhu..

Should i be happy or not..grabe parang replay eto ng mwla ang nokia phone qoh last June..ianabot aqoh ng umaga kkahanap ng okay na phone sa net..that's when i stumbled upon LG Cookie (na in d end binenta qoh ren kc i dont like the camera quality..) then i got my Samsung U600..i like it kc the images are pretty decent at my flash xa..though i cant say na super clear ng pics sa low light..
And after LG Cookie i told myself i wont ever buy non-nokia phones..(when i got the LG and Samsung,dun qoh na-appreciate ang Nokia..mas love qoh Nokia,..) PLUS sabi qoh nde na qoh bibili ng touchscreen phone!! but haist here i am again when i saw Nokia 5530 (actually im more inlove with Nokia 5230,kso wla xang flash)...aun mukhang e2 lang ang mabibili qoh..
nokia 5530 express music.,lil bro ng Nokia 5800..settle sana aq sa 5800 kaso nah..maxado me ngmamdali..mttgalan lang ipon qoh..hehehe...though im still heartbroken dahil sa pgkasira ng phone qoh...wla weh,MOVE ON joy! so ill just focus on this new goal..i just dont know what color should i choose....arrghhh end of February i hope ill get this one..Kaya tom gala mode sa SM meg,ill check how much price nea dun.,and promise I'LL TAKE CARE OF MY PHONE na..huhuhuhuh....
my LG cookie last July..say NO to touchscreen daw,..chicken

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