Friday, October 8, 2010

RANDOM THOUGHTS..Bored...No Internet

Well its one of my boring nights..nothing to do but just stare in front of my pc...i just had my cross stitch moments a while ago while watching boxing with my papa..its a cute cherub and quite big, can't wait till its done! it's super cute, my late aunt had the same cherub cross stitch but she gave it out to someone who gave her a computer..well its a fair would be a nice gift too.,i've made quite a few designs before but wasn't really able to finish it..i made a big "anime" one, it's Dennis from Yu-yu Hakusho's Ghost Fighter..( i still have a few of my Ghostfighter cards,i have it for like 15 yrs now ^_^ i put it on an album )since he's my ultimate crush at that time lol.,but yeah my mom gave it out, cause one of our guy neighbors really liked it.,and i was so mad when i found out.,and yeah my first cross stitch was Pooh..and 2 bears with "iloveu" design at the sides..made it for my 1st serious boyfriend Adrian..i was just 17 at that time i guess but it's still here, my mom have it framed and displayed.,it has the  "MarRian9" kind of signature at the sides..( Mar - for my name Mary Joy and Rian - for his name Adrian..9 cause i think our anniversary was December 9 )...

So yeah im just saying random thoughts at the moment since im not really in the mood to play games or watch a movie..but well thanks to my old games Yuri's Revenge.,kept me from being super bored this past few days..i remember the old times whenever Adrian fetch me after school then we'll go to a computer cafe and he'll play what i thought was a dumb stupid game RedAlert/Yuri's Revenge..and i'll just sit beside him and wait for him to be finish.,and sometimes he'll just say one more game and u can't just imagine how my face looks like at that time because of rage,LOL!.,but then i realized what if ill just try to enter his world and try to enjoy what he likes instead of being angry at yeah he taught me how to play first we'll always have some petty fights because of it.,cause sometimes he can't help but to shout a lil when he's coaching me and ill get angry and all.,its funny whenever i think of it now.,but then as time goes by i've learned it and loved it! then we started playing against each other.,and then us playing against other teams (mostly guys from my school and from a marine school near us). That's why at that time,we're always on a computer shop.. we made a lot of friends even the owners and staff knows me.,and i always beat my guy classmates.,thanks to Adrian lol.,

From that i realized the importance of being a part of what your partner enjoys.,that's why in my share of relationships im always excited and eager to learn what my boyfriend likes.,it thrills me.,like the language.,his hobbies and stuffs.,but in my case its mostly the kind of music he's into.,with Kyle ( my puppy love) since we're still young at that time we both liked boy band hits..A1, Backstreet Boys, N'sync etc etc..when im with Phijay (my 5yrs relationship)..though its kinda "baduy", but he's into Rap/PinoyRap..i learned how to rap a lil.,when i was with Chad (the sweetest and cutest guy ever)..he introduced me to new songs, he's more into R&B type of music, that's more of my type so yeah i kinda enjoyed our times..and when i was with Gax (my long distance-dancer boyfriend) as expected some dance music and because he's from Cebu, ( they got diffirent dialect from us in Manila which is Tagalog..while for them its Cebuanos ) i've learned to like some Cebuano songs and was able to sing it too lol.,eventhough i don't really understand the meaning.,and before i forgot with Gax i was turned into an "EMO" lol.,he liked some emo songs but its cool.,i love them too especially the band Secondhand Serenade..i love all of their songs :) I remember our last day together, we were at the airport im just laying on his lap and he played a lot of our favorite songs knowing it would be our last time together.. and with Luis he introduced me the Freestyle type of music.,and we both like Stevie B! ( he was famous here in the Philippines when i was just 11 yrs old i think,it means Luis was just 5 yrs old at that time! omg im a cradle snatcher lol..Erase erase! lol) i didn't know he knows him too, and of course the Spanish songs! Te Quiro by Flex and Aqui Conmigo are one of my faves.,

I am super into music, i love to listen and sing my heart out whenever im happy or sad.,that's why i noticed that in my past relationships, the relationships that i really enjoyed and had time to really connect with are the ones who's into music as well.,so yeah it's one of my qualifications..and im getting there's my random thought for tonight! ciao!

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