Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Journal hopping

Nope.,not d usual blog hopping where i go to one blog to another.Remember last night i was hoping to find an online notepad..why? Causei can't open my Penzu diary on my phone.,although i do have mypersonal blog on blogger ( d mother of all my blogs,cause i have lots)its not working as well on my cp whenever i try to compose one.,i waslosing hope n tlga.,even tumblr doesn't like me:( so then i decidedto just settle with a downloadable diary like my old one efficient diary.,but then again im still skeptical den kc what if ma-wipe outang memory q.,so i searched for top blogsites.,it gave me livejournal.,i transferred my posts on penzu one by one.,a bittedious.,then i found out they're not really for free and the layout kinda bored me.,so i went back to blogger again.,good thing,they have email2blogger.,not sure if if that's the right term.,but that means ican just type it on my email then it'll automatically publish my postafter sending it to a certain addy.,im currently doing it now butstill have to struggle with char limitation.,hahaizt.,how i wish ihave a smartphone,even the cheapest one.,-_-

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