Sunday, February 19, 2012


ayun another valentines had pass..2010..2011..2012..loveless ang lola mo..! LOL.,although its not much of a big deal naman.,.technically i think i spent valentines without a guy for 5yrs talaga.,cause the first two years eventhough im still with Phijay, he wasn't here naman because of his work.,soooo it means 5 consecutive years na aqong ZERO! no letter.,no card.,no cake.,no flower.,no gift.,no iloveu's.,hehehe.,so wawa.,

though someone asked me for a date naman.,kaso i don't know..sometimes gusto ko na sapukin sarili ko.,why can't i even go to a "friendly date".,sobrang tinatamad talaga ako.,specially when i don't feel anything naman with the guy.,i don't wanna lead him on.,sayang naman ang effort at money nea right??  but the downside..its like im limiting myself.,instead of widening my horizon, ako naman yung tanggi ng tanggi.,to think na wala naman akong karapatang maging "choosy" cause sabi nga ng quotes "choosy ka pa,juicy ka ba?" LOL.,im not naman.,kaso  don't know maybe gaya ng sabi ko sa isang guy friend.,as u get older u tend to be a bit picky.,ang hirap ng mainlove.,or kiligin.,BLAME THE HORMONES!

but going back.,im still happy! cause i was able to spend my vday with my family! :) 2009-2011 i spent it with my friends.,umalis den naman kmi ng family.,but this year 2012.,its exclusively for my family lang.,we ate out and konting pasyal (nasira nga lang diet ko)  sobrang pagod.,nakatulog agad kami as soon as we
got home..i wasn't able to go to my friend's house sa sobrang pagod.,but its cool.,i love spending time with my Papa,Mama,Ate and my pamangkinz naman :)

Next Year 2013...oh well! by hook or by crook.,ill have a date na.,and ugh i wish ill get a bouquet of flowers! .,ewan ko ba.,kahit d last time that someone gave me ng bouquet my mama told me "makakain mo ba yan?"  basta gusto ko pa ren nun.,! I envy kasi yung ibang girls when they get a flower kahit nde vday.,:( wala na kasi si Phijay para magbigay ng flowers.,(scripted pa yun hahaha)  I remember my ex Chad gave me one noon,ayy suprised talaga ang lola mo.,its soooo big and super nice.,soooo sweet! before that i didn't know ganun pala yun, i thought corny kasi..but hinde! A bear or any other stuff will do ren.,lol DEMANDING?  ahhh basta.,i'll find that sweet guy ule.,hinde na ko tatamarin! You'll see.,next year,iba na nakasulat here :)


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