Tuesday, February 10, 2009

well,its Feb 10..4 days to go,.Its V-day nah.,arggggghhh! im wondering if i have a lovelife pah bah??gosh! im not sure if i can consider my relationship with someone right now could be consider as one.,kc its sooo confusing..anyways.,the reason why i made this post eh pra i-share ang 1st video sa youtube na ginawa (i had a lots of video b4 kso e2 lng ung una qng pinublish.,and the other ones eh nwala nah because nkalimutan qoh mgback-up b4 mgpareformat ng pc..) I made this last Dec.24,2008..yeah its Christmas Eve.,one of the saddest moment of my life.,kea nga nkagawa me ng gn2 ka-sad na video.,happy me hours b4 this day.,kc its our 1st day na we're official bf/gf.,(hmf..i think he 4got our monthsarry nga ata.,its 24 my dear papa.,i want u 2 remember that for God's sake.,kc un ung day na ur pambobolas ay may kinalabasan den.,hahaha!) Hmmm..anu nga ba ung information qoh sa video n2 sa youtube.,ok wait ill just copy & paste it..

"this video is for my honey who made me realize that Love & Fate can be so cruel.,u have to sacrifice ur happiness & pretend like everything's okay.,what hurts even more is i still hold on when i already know that im waiting for nothing..majho cake "

Yan and exact kdramahan qoh sa life.,hehehe.,actually somebody asked me to delete this video because of some stupid reasons.,yeah and now naiinis na me kea wah na me care khit nu pah isipin nea if i repost this one.,if he doesnt appreciate it then nde pra sa knya 2,ayt?? Nara2mdaman u ba ung aura qoh while reading this post? prang love & hate noh.? hehehe! yeah that's exactly what i feel right now.,LOVE & HATE.,and their on the same level ha? 50-50., (wait log-in muna me sa Habbo.ph.,hehehe)

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