Thursday, May 21, 2009

New life.,New hope:)

its may20,2009.,and now is the day dat we welcome our new member of our family.,Jermaine Allison.,my ate's new born.,haisst sa tgal ng pg-aantay now she's finally here nren s mgulong mundo ng mga humanoids.,haha! Lumabas nren c Duday! (aww correction alli pla)

Aside from being happy kc im Tita Joy n ule.,for me she's a symbol of new life and new hope.,naisip qoh there's a lot of things that i should think of muna kesa mga wlang kwentang bagay from d past.,though nde nmn maiiwasan n msingit.,i know there's still hope pren in store 4 me.,nde lang nmn xa lalake sa mundo d ba?? haha! dami2x jan.,dami nga sabi na he' s swerte nga daw to find a girl like me.,n mabait at nde maimagine n kea qoh gwin 4 a guy ung ginawa qoh..,sana cla nlng daw ung nsa position ng guy n un kc mhirap daw mkahanp ng ka2lad qoh.,naks parang song .,"ur impossible to find..ur impossible to find" .,it made me realize " uu nga nman.,nde nman me nwalan khit aq ung naiwan? " kc i gave nman my best efforts and nging honest s knya.,nging good at sweet gf nmn me.,at tinupad qoh ung promise qoh so why i should be sad.,lost nea un.,at 1st i thought ok lng sken ung ginawa nea.,kc okay nmn last usap nmen.,my iloveu's pren but when he left..,ay npag-isip2x qoh.,awww loko xa.,as in loko.,liar at loko.,and i dont want our path to cross pa.,

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