Saturday, June 13, 2009


its 12pm..tanghali na and here i plng..nope im not a just so happen na night shift n me sa work..yep gising sa gabi, tulog sa umaga..haha! anyways,though nmimiss qoh ung mga friends qoh sa dayshift..the good thing is as soon as i get hom (7am or 8am) ,i see to it n mkpagwatch ng movie before i sleep..of course with the help of

And speaking of movie,grabe npanood q na ang pumalit sa fave movie qoh n "Pursuit of Happiness" ..recommended ng good friend qoh n c Gary.."Slumdog Millionaire"...grabe what an excellent movie! No wonder e2 ang nanalo as Best Picture s Oscar. The kids are so adorable,especially the lil kid,Jamal , na mkahingi lng ng autograph eh ngswim sa "poo-poo"..its an eye opener den..and romantic story tell about the "great love" ng guy dun sa girl..n dahil sa sobrang tagal nila nde ngkita,sumali xa sa "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" hoping that thru the show,mkikita xa ng mahal nea..clever thinking ayt..

i'll definitely watch this movie over and over touching and happy ending pa..:) so time for me to pasok pa me ng 10pm..i have to wake up ng 7pm..haist..s mga ngrerequest ng music video..ill try n isingit nlng sa sched q poh ah..patience guys! Smile:)

cute little Jamal,ngpupu-poo ng bglang dumating ang idol neang artista..hehehe!

they meet again big Jamal and
Latika..and they lived happily
ever after!:)

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