Wednesday, June 17, 2009


haist..everytime i open my computer..days won't pass na nde me nkkabasa ng articles,news and blogs bout the movie "Twilight"..its freaking me out..! Grabe,not because i hate this movie ha..ive heard a lot of positive comments..the reason why is.."NDE Q PAH XA NPPANOOD EVER!"..i know,i know..u might think im a geek..huli sa uso..but i don't know everytime my hit na romance movie lage me wla interest panoorin or nde me mgkaron ng time panoorin..not because mahal ang sine,becoz anjan nmn ang DVD at computer..pero whenever i have the time iba pinapanood qoh..haist..maybe because ayaw q sumabay sa uso??

I remember,when i was 13 yta or 14,im not sure..hit ung movie na "Titanic"..nde qoh xa napanood sa moviehouse khit my ngyayaya n sken non.. To d point na inextend pa ung showing sa sinehan..(inabot yta ng 1 month mhigit showing d2 s mla,im not sure..) its like saying ,"Hey joy im giving u d opportunity na mpanood ang titanic,kea we'll extend d movie just for u.." But NAH, nde q xa tlga pinanood..and umabot pa ng 5yrs or more pa ata b4 qoh xa napnood at sa TV far as i can remember sa channel 2 un.,and God i love it sobra! un nga lang i dont have someone or any friends to share it with kc hello?? 5yrs n nkalipas and nde na xa "in"..anyways at least napanood q xa..finally..hahaha!

hmmm and now,here's Twilight...a movie bout meeting of 2 diffirent worlds..vampires and humans..nalaman q lng sa mga reviews and kwento..i had an ex kc who really loves this movie..and once,he called me "Bella" and xa daw c "Edward Cullen" and silly me nde qoh agad ngetz..i thought naaaning lang xa or my split personality..but yeah they're the main characters sa Twilight...Gulat lng me sa movie n2 ang bilis mgkaron ng sequel..and nde q lam if showing na or nde comes "New Moon" and though gusto q xa panoorin..ayaw q s lhat ung wla me idea bout d 1st movie..hmmm kea now..humanda na ang mga chicha and all dat..yeah i have a box of "ChocoMucho" here..( i bought it as a treat to myself,kc fave qoh 2ng chocz n2,kesa mgeat sa fastfood i chose it nlng over a meal) ..and i think tpos n xa gonna watch Twilight..:)

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