Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Rant "Should You Check Your Partners Cellphone/Facebook?"

Hi girls! I'm Mr.NotSoGoodGuy and apparently this is my first post. I'm not really good in this thing cause i'm a lazy ass,(rather play on my PS3 gah!) but Fickle asked me to do this, cause she said i need some release too hahaha! and yeah to give a guy's point of view here..

Oh well, you guys don't know but i just got out of a bad break up recently. Really really bad, that i'm starting to get scared with the girls! lol kidding..You see, this girl i used to hang out with for like a month, started showing signs of being crazy..Suddenly she wants to get all my passwords..on my email, Facebook (which she gladly deactivated after we broke up ) my phone password and would you believe even my game accounts!!?? Crazy right??

Yes it was really crazy but come to think of that i try to look back and think of my reaction at that time..maybe she really have a reason to be suspicious.. Honestly, i kinda regret
that i snapped at her.maybe we would still be together now.. I don't really had some issues with my past ex gf's if they'll open my account..Really. But at that time that i was with my last ex..I am kinda flirting with this girl from my school..We texted and exchange a few messages on FB..That's the time i decided to change my passwords and put a pin on my phone, just to avoid my gf's eye..But like what they always said, the truth will come out, no matter how good you are in keepin' it..


To make the story short. and to answer the question "Should you check your partners cp/fb?"  Ok in my opinion as a guy (i am not speaking in behalf of the other guys,they might have another say to this)  BUT in my opinion, YES, you should respect the privacy of your partner. YES, you should trust him. Cause sometimes us guys tend to get scared with girls who are very controlling and jealous. BUT in case you asked if you can check his cellphone and he freaked out or snapped at you in an instant..OR didn't give it to you outright..then maybe you really have a reason to get suspicious..Cause as much as i value my privacy, if i am not doing anything wrong behind my girl's back, I don't have any reason to hide my stuffs from her.. And if I really do love her, i wouldn't want her to doubt me even a i'll be gladly to sacrifice my so-called "privacy" just to prove to her that i'm not doing anything bad. And with that maybe she'll trust me more..

Just tips girls..(i am not bias, this also goes to 3rd sex relationships) so girls and gay guy..if you're planning to be a spy..act cool..learn to read your man's reaction. and please stop acting like you're going'll just waste your energy..just be observant and the truth will always come out..Peace, outta here!

you can also leave a comment, you can also suggest some topics,questions or whatever.and again sorry for the typos, not trying to be an ass but oh well i guess i am an ass, hope i didn't offend anyone aight! Good day! 

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