Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How many boyfriends you've had??

A lot of times i got ask "how many boyfriends you've had in the past?" Im sure someone had ask you the same question..Some would answer "just a few" or "nope i've never had one" (ay bongga maria clara c ate!)..A few (mostly guys) would brag about how many girls they've managed to get laid in the past.,(honestly guys its not a turn on..).  But most of us always choose the safest answer answer "i don't know hindi naman ako nagbibilang".

In the past,.gamit na gamit ko yung last answer..maybe because ayaw ko lang mg-elaborate too much.,or i was afraid that someone might think i have lots of experience.,i know it sucks -_-.,but its a fact.,A lot of people thinks that a girl who had a lot of bf  must have a lot of sexual encounters.,so judgemental right?  Not all are maniacs.,LOL.,! and not all relationships naman consider sex as the cohesive tape between two partners.,might be true in most cases but not always..

Oh well my Gemini thingy kicked again.,im losing my point lol.,im here to tell you what's my answer to the question i mentioned before.,"how many boyfriends did i have?" .,Like what ive said i used to give the safest answer.,but that was before.,Cause for the past 2yrs and a half of being single i realized i only had ONE boyfriend in my entire life.,

Yeah some of the peeps who asked find my answer a bit weird..Some of my friends would even say "aw don't believe her, she had lots! "   Yeah im not saying i only had one guy.,they're right i had lots..don't get me wrong.,im not implying that im pretty ha! how i wish LOL!..im just average.,not the type of girl na  "mapapa-second look" ka.,but i guess its because when i was still young i was pretty active in the dating scene.,not active like grabbing a guy and have some "fun" thing okay??    What i mean is when i was young i had this crazy pattern which im not proud of.,I know a lot of people na meron den nitong pattern na to.,

Here's the pattern :  When you were young and your steady bf/gf are breaking up or close to breaking up..lots of times there's always the "reserba" guy/girl..and this "reserba" might be the reason you guys are breaking or migt come after your relationship ended..,but whichever.,this "reserba" is the next person you'll have a relationship with.,if you're the one who cheated, he/she is your "kabet" of some sort.,If ur the brokenhearted one, this person is ur "panakip butas"..You get what i mean?  Im not saying the "kabet" or 3rd party is always the bad one okay?  He/she might be super awesome that you chose to him/her over the one you're with..(teka nalalayo na naman ako)  What im pointing is, when we were young we tend to engage ourselves to a "rebound relationship".,(ill tackle this one on my future post)  SO because of this rebound thing, which is like "jumping from one relationship to another"., i had lots of guys...(actually not lots naman, i know others have tons lol)  

Of course i had strong feelings for these guys.,AT THAT TIME ha.. we said iloveu's.,cared for each other.,the usual bf/gf thing.,ive left some of them and broke their hearts which made them hate me at that time (hehehe nagmaganda eh no)..,But of course,there were also those wo left me and made me stay awake,crying all night ng bongga.,these guys are the one whom i thought i really love.,cause when someone left you,its automatic that you'll feel like "OMG i can't lose him,i love him so much.," OR "i beg you fate,bring him back.,cause i won't ever love this way again"..blah blah blah.,  Sometimes i'll even tell that person who broke my heart "I won't ever forget you for the rest of my life.."  LOL.,now that i think about it,i realized im full of crap! haha.,  Maybe i meant those words at that time.,i even remember being heartbroken for this one guy (Naruto) for a year.,it even affected my work till i left my job.,cause i was sooooo depress talaga.,(he's the reason why i started this blog years ago.,)  Cause i was so heartbroken i needed an outlet,.i said ill give my all just to get him back....

But you know what?? All these guys i said i loved (including Naruto)..none of them ang kino-consider ko as my boyfriend or ex now...except ONE..my longest relationship with Mr.Babyface..(corny codename eh,lol.,i can't
think of any that would describe him) So yeah Mr.Babyface is my longest one..my first relationship was 1year then some just lasted for months.,but Babyface and I were together for 5yrs...tagal no? I know its still kinda short but we're just bf/gf at that time.,not "living together-bf-gf".,so its still an achievement.,but i left him..

(teka inaantok na ko.,actually this post is from my phone.,i wrote this February 5 i think..,not knowing na ilang days pagkatapos ko itype to,makikita ko ang old diary ng ex q n c Phijay (yep xa si Babyface) and will realized that i still care for him pala.,after 3yrs of my soul wandering,..i broke up with him 3yrs ago, and  thought that hindi ko naman n xa mahal na.,i was wrong...kea nagkulong me ata for 4days sa kuwarto lol., (i lost 5pounds tuloy!haha) for the longest time,..nun lang me ule umiyak.,soooo yeah maybe xa paren ayt?  ayun nililipat ko lang tong post q d2.,actually mahaba p 2.,kaso tamad n me mgtype...-_- and oh! after a week of pagmumukmok im ok naman na.,made some rationalization kaya eto im back to my old happy self again! kaso antok n qoh,migraine pa.,cge will continue this next time!CIAO)

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