Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Alternative Songs Month

the angels they burn inside for us 
are we ever 
are we ever gonna learn to fly
the devils they burn inside of us
are we ever gonna come back down 
come around
I'm always gonna worry about the things that could make us cold 

I consider this month of February as my "my alternative songs month"..why? cause i was soo sad (not anymore) ayun this song "Angels and Demons" by Dishwalla caught my interest..,along with the other old stuffs.,like "I Think God Can Explain by Splender".,"Look After You by The Fray" and a host of others..(click this ALTERNATIVE  to listen to the songs ) Pinapakinggan ko siya noon everytime i feel sad and wanna reflect.,it helped.,kaso lalo lang ako nasa-sad that time kaya hindi ko muna sila pinakinggan.,but now that im feeling better.,ayun ok na :)

What i like about these songs aside from the melody syempre are the lyrics.,its totally what i felt at that time.,and mga gusto ko sabihin.,lyrics is important to me bago ko mgustuhan yung song.,kaya aun.,:)

Angels and Demons..yung time that im still depressed
I think God can Explain...when i finally learned to accept and let go.,.,ill just let God do his will i guess.,this song kinda made me stronger.,and helped me to move on :)

It's all right, I'm O.K., 
I think God can explain,
I believe I’m the same,
I get carried away
It's alright, I'm O.K., 
I think God can explain
I'm relieved, I'm relaxed, 
I'll get over it yeah.

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