Saturday, March 3, 2012

I want a platonic relationship

On Sat, Mar 3, 2012 at 5:47 AM, Mj Uzumaki <> wrote:
> Lately.,ive been thinking "why is that some guys will just text u,call
> u or hangout with u if he only likes u.,?" i know ive whined about
> love in d past.,there were times that i felt a bit desperate looking
> for d right one.,but since im a gemini, change is the only constant
> thing in my life..yesterday i want a lover,NOW im not in d mood to be
> inlove.,i just want to enjoy hanging out with someone.,talking with
> them.,laughing,being silly.,like when im with my girl friends.,in
> a kind of relationship where u care bout each other but not as
> bf/gf.,just because he/she is ur friend.,no expectations.,no rules.,no
> conditions.,no sexual desire.,no lies., but its kinda hard to get.,Q_Q
> for example this guy.,we've been friends for like 3yrs now.,he's one
> of my good friends who's always there to console me.,i owe him a lot d
> last time i was down because of Phijay.,(early Feb2012).,i sent him a
> txt msg around 3 or 4am and he called me up immediately..though i
> didn't take his call,cause at that time im not really in d mood to
> speak with someone.,maybe i just need a soundboard.,but still he keeps
> on texting and calling me.,i find it nice of him talaga.,he's
> funny,super nice and sweet.,but i don't know..i just wish he'll stay
> that way na lang.. I find it awkward kasi when sometimes he's being
> too sweet to me.,,im not dense naman.,i
> find it weird whenever he says im cute.,even my "big nose" he calls it
> cutie nose" hahahaha., :)) though i should be flattered that someone
> appreciates me despite my flaws...he's too good of a friend to be my
> bf.,correction: i want him to remain as my close friend.. Maybe i used to consider him as a bf because he's smart and all.,but i only see him now
> as a buddy,and i hope he feels d same way.,i don't wanna lose him as
> a friend cause its hard to find a good guy like him.,not
> maniac.,sensible and stuffs.,
> although i know that its too good to be true.,that's why it kinda
> sucks when ur comfortable with a guy that u can be urself,be
> funny.,then emo d next.,without any pretensions.,and u not having to
> impress him.,u can act silly around,.be sweet.,then all of a sudden
> it'll all be awkward,cause he'll like u.,suddenly ur not just a
> friend.. I wish we could stay friends..i wish guys would hangout with
a girl not for anything.,not because he's gay,.not because he likes d
> girl.but just because he wants to have another "crazy girl FRIEND".,:)
>  On a 2nd thought,.that also brought me into conclusion,that a lot of
> times when u see a guy as a friend.,we girls show the real us.,but
> when we like a guy or have a crush on him, we tend to impress him to
> the point of faking it, just for him to take notice and like us., and
> rarely it works.,and even if ur "small roleplaying" works.there's
> always the time when our real selves will creep in,then we'll become a
> monster in disguise in their eyes., Lesson: always be who you
> are.,don't pretend to be someone for him to like u.,cause a guy who
> really loves u will love that "creepy and crazy gal" inside u.,:)

Wrote this ng maalimpungatan ako after a weird dream..:P

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